Taking care of the Frying Pan “JIU”

The iron frying pan “JIU” is produced in a small-town factory in Osaka.

This handmade masterpiece, which Japanese craftworkers produced carefully one by one, has its own characteristics such as colors of metal and patter of woodgrain.

The more you use “JIU”, the more characteristics it will have. Oil penetrates to the iron and the color of the surface gradually turns darker. This is one of the unique characteristics of handmade iron frying pans and we are delighted to share the joy of using our masterpiece.

This unpainted finish wooden handle makes the most of the natural wood texture. It can be even more appreciated by rubbing it with vegetable oil.

As time goes by, “JIU” will show various expressions and it is going to be different depending on who used it. We deeply hope all users to use “JIU” for a long time so that users have an opportunity to enjoy the process of maturation.

Before first use

【Iron Frying Pan】

① Please wash the cookware with a small amount of dishwashing detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly by heat.

② Pour appropriate amount of cooking oil and heat the cookware up, remove oil with a paper towel.

③ Pour cooking oil and heat the cookware again. Start cooking after the temperature rises.

【Natural Wood Handle】

① Please apply vegetable oil to the wood handle by using paper towel.

② Please remove the wood handle when cooking with medium or high heat. It may be burned and cause damages.

Cleaning and Storing


① Please wash the cookware with hot water by pod scrubbing brush while the cookware is still warm. Dishwashing detergent is not required.

② Please dry the cookware thoroughly by heat.

③ If you do not use the cookware for a while, apply a very light coat of cooking oil to the entire surface of the cookware with a paper towel before storing.

Other Tips

As the first picture above shows, the key tips for cooking delicious meal by the frying pan “JIU” is to cook your meal thoroughly under low heat. Bread, fried rice, meat, vegetables, dumpling, fried noodles, pasta and etc…… No matter what your cook, the secret to bring the best flavor and texture of your ingredients is to take your time and cook your meal thoroughly under low heat. 

You might have an impression that high heat cooking (like a second picture) could bring better result but actually, it has contrary effect with the frying pan “JIU”.

Ingredients are easy to get burned, not cooked thoroughly and it is not possible to bring best flavor and texture of your food.

The iron frying pan itself withstand high heat so it is fine to use it under high heat for the purpose of drying it thoroughly or repeatably seasoning it to maintain and intensify your pan's seasoning.

But if you are cooking meal, it is better to cook under low heat. Crispy tasty browning only can be done by low heat. Let’s be patient and wait your ingredients to be cooked thoroughly.

・In case of the cookware is being heavily soiled and cannot be removed, pour hot water and bring it to the boil to soften heavy soil. Use the nylon scrubbing brush to clean the cookware and rinse it well.

・Pour appropriate amount of cooking oil and heat the cookware up until a little smoke comes out. By repeating this process, oil penetrates to the iron and the color of the surface gradually turns darker. (“JIU” will actually get gradually darker as you use it for general cooking. Please repeat the above process only if you want “JIU” to be darker as soon as possible)

How to cook well by using the induction cooker.

① Pour cooking oil up to cover the whole surface of the cookware before switching on the induction cooker.

② Maintain low heat level for 2 minutes, then adjust to appropriate heat level for cooking.

③ Please return excess oil to the oil pod

④ Pour appropriate amount of oil to the cookware, adjust to appropriate heat level for cooking, then start cooking (lower than medium heat level should be enough)


For more details, please check the user’s manual in the product package.